Workshops & Series classes

You must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to attend any MCS event. See our COVID-19 policy for more information.

A one-hour drop-in lesson can only cover so much. That’s why we have workshops and series classes to help you grow your knowledge of swing dance beyond the basics!

Since MCS is an ambidancetrous group, you’ll learn both leading and following at the same time in each class! (Why ambidancetrous? Check out our mission statement!)

Workshops? Series?

A workshop and a series class can have the same content, but the format is different. Workshops have the whole class on a single day (or for longer workshops, over the course of a weekend), while series classes are spread into shorter lessons over several weeks.

Upcoming Classes

Check our calendar for information on upcoming classes (including times, locations, price, and prerequisites), or follow our Facebook page to get the earliest updates.