Beginner Drop-in

Our dance on Tuesday, June 12 will be a special Beginners Night!
NOTICE: There will be no lesson or dance on Tuesday, July 3. Enjoy the holiday!

Learn the basics of swing dance in an hour!

Welcome to the wonderful world of swing dance! It’s an exciting journey, and you’ve come to the right place to start it. Our 50-60 minute drop-in lesson is specifically designed for those who have never danced before. You don’t need a partner, either: since we’re teaching social dance, you’ll rotate through different partners throughout the lesson.

We teach a drop-in lesson at every Tuesday Night Swing, as well as right before every special event dance. And it’s always included in the price of the dance itself – and on Tuesdays it even gives you a discount to the dance!


  • Dates: EVERY Tuesday Night Swing (see Calendar)
  • Time: 8:15 to 9:15 pm (right before the dance)
  • Location: Northwest UU Church in Southfield
  • Price: Included in dance admission, and gives you a $1 discount to the dance (at Tuesday Night Swing)
  • No previous experience needed
  • No partner needed – come alone, with a friend, or with a whole group!

In our series classes and workshops, you’ll learn both leading and following at the same time. The drop-ins just aren’t long enough for that, so we encourage you to take several in a row so you can cover both roles. Typically you’ll take your first lesson as a follow and your second as a lead, since leading is a little harder while you’re still figuring out the steps.

We also cycle through different sets of moves each week, so if you keep coming to the lessons you’ll keep learning new material. (And you still get the $1 discount no matter how many times you take the lesson!)