Series Classes

Every month we run a progressive series class at Tuesday Night Swing. The series runs for four weeks (sometimes three) and is designed to give you more in-depth coverage of swing dance than the drop-ins. In general, you can’t join a series after the first week, but if you have some experience special arrangements can be made (contact us if you think this applies).

Since MCS is an ambidancetrous group, you’ll learn both leading and following at the same time in each series! (Why ambidancetrous? Check out our mission statement!)


  • Price:
    • $40 ($35 for students)
    • Includes four hours of instruction and admission to Tuesday Night Swing each week.
  • Times: 7-8pm (followed by Tuesday Night Swing from 9-11pm)
  • Location: Northwest UU Church (same as open dance)
  • Experience needed: Depends on topic.
  • No partner required!

Can’t make it on Tuesdays? Check out our workshops instead!

Upcoming Series


Make your Lindy Hop smooth and comfortable in Motor City Swing’s first-ever begintermediate-level series! The topic is flow, and it will be all about how to make your dancing feel like a cohesive whole, rather than a series of disjointed, disconnected moves.

This is a begintermediate-level class: You need to have taken Beginner 8-count Lindy Hop and a few drop-in lessons (or have instructor permission) to take the class. As with all MCS series classes, you’ll learn both leading and following at the same time!


This is a beginner-level class: No partner or experience required!
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